Sign Up & Post a Project or Resource

  1. Go to the website for “Making Headway in Your Community” at
  2. Register as a user by choosing Sign Up from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner.
  3. As a new user you will need to register a Project or Resource. Input your email and complete the registration form. If you found a Resource on the site that helped with your Project, feel free to mention them in your Project Description.  Click Preview to view the completed form. If satisfied, click Submit Listing, otherwise choose Edit Listing.
  4. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with a link to set your password. Once registered as a user, you can add additional Projects and Resources to your account by using the dropdown menus in the main navigation bar.

Manage Your Projects and Resources

  1. Once signed up, you can view your Projects and/or Resources. Choose  Log In from the navigation menu then choose Dashboard from the user dropdown menu. (Note that newly registered projects and resources will need to be approved before appearing on the site.)
  2. To edit or delete your Projects or Resources from the Dashboard, hover over their title then click Edit or Delete on the right. Click Save Changes after editing.
  3. You can register additional items by using the Projects and Resources dropdown menus in the navigation bar. Just select Post a Project or Post a Project.

Browse Projects and Resource

  1. As a visitor, you can view all registered Projects and Resources. From the Home Page, use the search form to search by town or category (see About Us for description of categories).
  2. You can also view items by going to the Projects or Resources dropdown menus in the navigation bar and selecting View Project (or View Resource).  To refine your search by region or category, use the select-menus at the top-left. A Reset link in this area will remove the search filter.
  3. Search results reveal resource or project listings that you can hover over to see their location on the map or click-on to get more information.
  4. The map displays flags with symbols representing the category of the Project or Resource at that location. You can click the symbol to view more information. Black flags indicate a grouping of several Projects or Resources. Clicking black flags will zoom you in to this region for more information.